On July 7th, 2011, Elizabeth Barrett & Brian Thibodeau departed Fairbanks, Alaska, cycling the length of the Alaska Highway over 3666 km until they reached their home Victoria, British Columbia.

Why have they traveling such a distance by bicycle?

To Raise AIDS Awareness and educate and inspire communities to fight the stigma and prejudice that has attached itself to a disease that affects an estimated 65,000 Canadians and approximately 33.3 million people globally.

Why AIDS Awareness?

“Until Sept  of 2004 I could never have imagined that HIV/AIDS would directly affect my life. On Sept 1st I received news that family member had been diagnosed with AIDS. Two weeks later this family member passed away. AIDS permanently affected the lives of my close family members, their children and loved ones. Everyday we remember, we live, and we move forward. This is no easy feat, but we love each other and protect each other none the less.”

“I never thought this disease would impact my life, but it has profoundly.”

Elizabeth Barrett

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  1. Good luck Elizabeth. If I can offer any touring advice don’t hesitate to contact me. And, of course, there’s plenty of cycling info at VeloWeb.