A Little Help from My Friends

Thanks to everyone who took the opportunity to read my first blog entry this week. I’ve received a surprising amount of interest and support from friends, family and community members. Since publishing my first entry a few friends whom I’ve known for a long time have written me to say thank you and offer their support because they have also lost close family members/friends as a result of HIV/AIDS. How is it that I have known these friends for so long and I am only learning of this now? This makes me wonder? How many of  us are connected to someone who is either living with HIV/AIDS  or has lost someone to the disease? Just a thought….

Since writing my last post a few interesting things have happened. First of all, I had to strum up courage to pick up the phone and call my parents  – I still hadn’t informed them of my little adventure. Luckily, my parents are the coolest people in the world and my family is behind me 100%. After officially going public on facebook and twitter a few individuals stepped up to offer their services. Cindy L’Hirondelle of 3PennyBooks has offered to help me shoot a promotional video, AJ aka @VIHippieChic (twitter) as offered to help me write my proposal and Pat Bay Reflective has offered to sponsor me with all the reflective products I need so I can ride safely. These are just a few of the folks that have offered their support. In future I will set up a thank you page to acknowledge  the wonderful people who have offered their talents and services to help raise AIDS awareness and further this project.

Today was an interesting day! First I learned that both Vancouver Island Persons Living with HIV/AIDS and Victoria AIDS Resource and Community Service Society will be teaming together to help me with fundraising logistics etc.. Than I discovered that VIPWA has a sister organization in south africa named Ukulapha – a grassroots community project in that offers support to orphan headed households & families with vulnerable children. Since I will be supporting local non-profits VIPWA and VARCS I am also looking forward to speaking with Ukulapha founder Carolyn Burns to learn more about this international organization. To learn out more about these organizations just click on the links listed under “Friends”.

Well, I’d hate to love ya and leave ya, but work is calling!

Oh and a quick mention before I head to work. Thanks to Royal Roads journalism student Donald Kennedy for interviewing me today. It was great to meet you and I look forward to reading your blog soon!


6 responses to “A Little Help from My Friends

  1. Great Blog Liz, what a great role model you are. Although I can’t go with you I’ll truly be there in spirit the whole time. You Rock the Earth!

    • Thanks Roly, I’m hoping to Rock the Earth! Maybe you can Brit and join me for a few km in Victoria, or take a little winter vacation and join me for a few km through South America…just a thought.

  2. Good job kid. Talked to Mom today. No probs with your decision (just another crazy Liz thing to inspire us all).

    • Thanks Tom! I’m hoping that I’ll be riding through Victoria around the time you are visiting to help mom and dad with their big move. Maybe you and the kids could join me for a few km through Victoria.

  3. Hi Elizabeth. I am impressed by hearing of your plans to cycle this breathtaking route! We just received an eMail by your mom telling us so. I will look this page up every now and then to see how everything works out for you. Hope you and the whole family are fine?! Would love to meet you and the other members up again one day… Greetings from Germany (Cologne)

  4. Hi Christian, so good to hear from you after many years! I am glad to see that your wife Cathrin has added me as a friend on facebook, and I hope that you and Marcus will soon be on facebook as well.

    I remember back on 2000 you visited BC while traveling the west coast with friends. I hear that you enjoyed the trip immensely. Any chance you would be interested in visiting the west coast again with your family? I hear you and your wife just had a baby? I hope to see some photos of the little one soon!

    Please feel free to share my blog with friends in Germany! If you have any friends that are visiting the west coast they are more than welcome to join me on my journey south!


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