Some blogging with my morning coffee

Good Morning from beautiful Victoria BC!

I’ve just finished a plate full of scrambled eggs, two cups of coffee and now I am staring at my computer screen stumped at what to blog about. It’s not as though I don’t have  enough to talk about, this week has certainly been busy enough. My biggest challenge  has been trying find enough time for everything and everyone in my life. I knew that going public with this project would ultimately add to my workload, but I did not expect that I would so willingly sacrifice my personal life to find the precious time required to plan this trip. Last week I skipped three spin classes and 4 days of boxing with my trainer Gary in order to find the time to write, plan etc…

That being said, this project has certainly made me see the bigger picture and helped me to prioritize my time. I’ve come to realize that my energy is a valuable commodity that can not to be wasted on frivolous matters that might include social drama or being expected to nurture the egos of others. In other words, if I wanted to watch 90210 I’d get cable.

On a more positive note, this week I have received tons of support from family and friends as well as my the pals @Lacouvee @dorkflower and @BlueHairdBlond on twitter.

My brother Roly, a singer/songwriter  has offered to “brag me up” at the Penny Farthing where he performs weekends. Friends, Kerry, Amanda and Donald have helped me to contact other cyclists who have cycled Canada and the Pan American. In addition, my long time high school buddy Jenn and her friend Mieke, an active cyclist living north of Santiago Chile, have offered to help with lodging, fundraising and may even join me for a portion of the ride through Chile.

A pretend fashion show at Jenn's house. high school..1995?

Well, I’ve just drained every drop from my coffee cup and it is now time to get dressed, brush my teeth, all that jazz. My plans for the day? An afternoon meeting with Sunny from the Vancouver Island Persons Living with HIV/AIDS Society and quality time spent with my boyfriend.


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