The Name Game

Well, my friends, this post is going to be rather rushed. Today’s schedule is purely devoted to karaoke stuff aka creating karaoke books, advertising for karaoke and hosting the first #KaraSnowKe #Tweetup at @TheUpperDeckVic. This last sentence may only make sense to those of you who use twitter. The name #KaraSnowKe was created by @socialmediasean as way of describing winter karaoke and a #Tweetup is an event where proud geeks hangout, have fun…and tweet alot!

Since we’re on the topic of naming things, I must let you know that myself and reps from Victoria Aids Resource Community Service Society and the Vancouver Island People Living with HIV/AIDS Society are currently brainstorming to find a name for my cycling adventure to raise AIDS awareness.

Soooo lets play the name game!   Can you come up with a name for this project?

Try to think of a name that might include the phrase Ride for___ or  words that reflect landscape or travel like road, tundra, desert, distance, peddle, community. I can’t wait to hear your suggestions!  Feel free to post them in the comment section below.

Before I have to get ready for work I would like to leave you with a link to wonderful video created by a truly wonderful and inspirational person new to my life- my friend Bert from the VIPWA society. Check it out!


One response to “The Name Game

  1. Melissa aka rayvensmoon

    A little late to the party here, but how about “Ride for Red” or “Ride of the Red Ribbon” or “Peddle Project For AIDS Awareness”? All Kinda corny I guess! 😉 Again I gotta say I so admire what you’re doing! I am going to try and think of ways I can help other than being a cheerleader. 🙂

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