Calling All Angels….and volunteers

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

Hope you are all having a lovely Wednesday afternoon! I myself am enjoying my fourth cup of coffee since meeting with VIPWA and VARCS representatives Sunny, Britney & Barb this morning. Our meeting was brief and to the point do to the fact that all three reps were stretched for time. Between urgent phone calls and walk in meetings we had just enough time to say hello and discuss fundraising  strategies for the project. While much of our energy will be focused on connecting with corporations & local business to gain financial support and sponsorship for this project, we also plan host many community events as well.

Here are just a few of the fundraisers projected to take place in Victoria this spring:

Car Wash & Barbershop Services – April 23rd. We need a location & Barbers to volunteer their time.

Wearable Art Show – Looking for a venue (nightclub) as well as artists/designers, models, and DJ’s etc to help organize this amazing art/fashion show.

Foam Party – Can you offer a venue (nightclub) ?

Adventure Talks – Calling  experienced adventurers, cyclists etc.. Share your experiences by giving a slide show presentation and give back to your community.

Various music bingo/karaoke events hosted by yours truly.

Speaking of karaoke, music and all things fun! Check out this weeks funtastic music video by VIPWA  board member Bertrand Dion.

Once again, I am rushed and must head to work. Hope to have another update soon!


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  1. Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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