Update of weeks past

Our appologies for not updating our blog over the last couple of weeks. During this time we have been incredibly busy packing up our lives and preparing for this great adventure. Here are just a few of the events that have taken place over the past couple of weeks:

  • Early May – Caroyln Burns arrives from South Africa, Liz attends her presentation on Ukulapha and has the opportunity to meet both Carolyn and her sidekick Sharon Gilbert. Both Sharon and Carolyn are incredible people working very hard to support children of orphan headed households in South Africa.
  • June 1st- Liz moves out of her apartment and welcomes her parents to Victoria! At age 72 & 73 they made the big move from Halifax, NS to Vancouver Island!
  • June 3rd-Liz & Brian hosted a fundraiser with a little help from friends Nicole Davis, owner of PoleTrix Studio, instructer Maria Volk and students Amber & Breanne $838.00 was raised for Red Bicycle Tour!! Thanks to friends Troy Wilson aka TBone the Barber (Status Barbershop), The English Cabinet Maker and Heather Rock for donating fantastic door prizes for the event!
  • June 5th- Veronica Van Der Heiden and Mike DeWolf join team Red Bicycle Tour! These two amazing people will act as our “kickstands” while we are on the road. While Veronica has stepped into the role of treasurer, Mike will be designing our website and helping us to raise awareness through social media. Thanks to Mike we now have red bicycles and matching helmets!
  • June 14th- transportation booked and lodging in Fairbanks, AK found through http://www.warmshowers.com. Looking forward to meeting our hosts Janet and Robert.
  • June 15th – Last minute shopping! Gord from Capital Iron has generously offered us a 20% discount on outdoor gear. Gotta love local business! Liz’s last night of work just happens to be the final night of the Stanley Cup Playoffs! Will the Canucks bring the cup home???

Well, time to get back to work! Will be back with more updates soon!


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