Road Kill & MacDonalds

On rainy days I become cranky and depressed, meaning Brian has to live with the female equivalent of Eeyore. That being said if I am Eeyore than Brian is the sweet and lovable Poo. I suppose this makes us a pretty good fit!  I’m not saying I wouldn’t rather be Piglet or Tiger, but Eeyore isn’t mean he’s just sad. 

On this day we woke up to the sound of the rain and while we usually try to wait out the storm, we were eager to leave Wonowon.  The big city of Fort St John was only 90 km away and after five days of cycling through oil country  we were craving the modern luxuries of fast food, libraries and Walmart.

The road from Wonowon to Fort St John was incredibly hilly, each downhill was at least 1 km long followed by an uphill of equal length.  Mid day we stopped at the only rest stop on the 380 km stretch from Fort Nelson to Fort St John fitted with flushable toilettes. As you can imagine we were elated!! While on break Brian charged his i phone and both of us where able to clean ourselves up. This meant taking off shoes and socks, wringing them out in the sink, washing mud off our faces and out of our hair…Brian had to tackle his beard. I also took advantage of the hand dryer, drying my clothes, gloves, helmet, jacket and hair. Oh and did I mention that a fellow tourist gave us chocolate? Pure luxury!!

Later that afternoon I got a flat…and accidentally cycled over some road kill – let’s just say a semi trailer truck passed within 6 inches to my left leaving me with no room to move. As a result I ran over deer intestines. It wasn’t a pleasant experience, in fact my heart may have broken just a little… but I survived. On a side note –  you may not want to hear this, but fresh road kill does not smell bad. I know..totally gross, but it’s just another example of something I never would have learned if I hadn’t gone on this adventure. Cycle tourists have plenty of awkward and uncomfortable moments on the road. It’s just part of the experience :p

We rolled into St John around 7 pm and grabbed some MacDonald’s and pitched our tent in the pouring rain. The next two days were spent replacing Brian’s broken back rack, purchasing supplies, doing laundry and updating our blog. Please note: If your planning on embarking on a cycle touring adventure don’t expect a lot of down time….it’s actually a lot of work 😉 But totally worth it!


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