<3 Lake

Okay I’m on a roll! It’s bedtime.. 8:35 pm. Yes I like my sleep, but I’d also like to finish telling the tale of our epic cycling trip from Alaska to Victoria someday.

So, here goes!

Upon visiting the Chetwynd tourist information centre we found out that there were no available campsites in town. So, we buggered off back down the highway in search of a place to pitch our tent. Funnily enough, we weren’t the only cyclists on the road. There was a 10-year-old boy on a bmx style bike in front of us. He kept weaving from one side of the road to the other. I was both amused and terrified. Was this kid not threatened by all of the construction traffic on the highway? Eventually we found a campsite with showers! Woohoo, BONUS!

After a good nights rest we woke up to a beautiful sunny day. We took our time having breakfast and packing up. Today we were cycling into the pine pass! Everyone warned us about the construction and the treacherous state of the road. Looking back I’m not sure what the big deal was. It really was an enjoyable ride. There was a section that was impassable and we were ordered  to load our bikes into the back of a pilot car and ride in the cab. As you can imagine Brian did all the lifting 😉 All in all I think it may have been about 6 – 10 km if I remember correctly. Other sections of the road were a little muddy due to the construction but the ride was nice. The road somewhat flat, the scenery was beautiful and the headwinds had died down for the time being. By evening we stopped into a roadside restaurant for bottomless bowls of homemade chicken soup and bread. One of the owners dogs was particularly interested in my bicycle panniers, so much so that he knocked the bike over on top of me as I was tightening my pannier straps. Somehow I got trapped underneath my bike and Brian had to lift it off me. I know that last sentence sounded a little funny, but lets not forget that with all the gear my bike weighs about 70 pounds. Looking back, all I can remember is that it hurt.. something got caught.. I can’ t remember what got caugh..maybe a finger, maybe my leg? This is why it’s good to write this stuff down right away!

Right after dinner we got on our bikes and cycled 5 km down the road to our campsite for the night “Heart Lake”.  Heart Lake is one of BC’s little hidden treasures. We arrived just in time to watch the moon rise over the mountains.

After watching the sunset we pitched our tent in the dark. As you can see Brian was quite helpful 😉 The next morning we were woken up by the sound of Steller Jays dive bombing our tent..flap flap flap!

Jays move so fast it's hard to get a good photo!

We decided to eat our breakfast on the waterfront. The weather was so hot and sunny we decided to take a rest day and enjoy it. I attempted to get in the water, but only ended up getting my legs and bottom wet while sitting on the doc. Later that afternoon I complained that my butt was itchy and I couldn’t sit down. I had swimmers itch!!! Hilarious….

Oh and one more BEAUTIFUL detail that I can’t forget. We were surrounded by butterflies. They wouldn’t leave us alone. At one point I had a butterfly sitting on my nose while I was attempting to read my book. Gotta love mother nature!


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