Happy Birthday Thank You

It’s hard to believe that one year ago today I was literally stuck at the top of the arctic circle feeling like an epic failure. At approximately 4 pm on June 25, 2011, I was pushing my bicycle 20 km up the Dalton Hwy.. Brian was 20 behind me. We had attempted to depart Prudhoe Bay, Alaska on our bicycles and had failed.  What’s worse, we weren’t even talking to each other. I felt like the world was falling out from under me one piece at a time.  I’m pretty sure Brian felt the same way…

Looking back I’m glad we failed… It hurt so badly, but we learned so much. We learned to communicate, we learned to be flexible, we learned to accept ourselves in the face of failure and we learned that there are people in the world so kind that even though they barely know you they will pick up you off the ground and set you back on your feet again. Thanks Janet and Robert!

A year has passed and it’s been tough.. but so rewarding. I’m learned to work hard and take risks and I’ve learned that slipping into an old pattern might be easy and comfortable it may not lead me down the road I wish to travel. I’ve also learned to accept and be thankful for the cards I am dealt in this life.

Thank you Brian for being an amazing boyfriend.. I know that I could fall to pieces and you would pick me up and put me back together. Thank you to my family. I ran away to the arctic and even though you were afraid for my safety you cheered me on and took pride in my efforts to take on an adventure that seemed like a pipe dream. Thank you for all of my wonderful friends for sticking around all these years!


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